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“Davis tracks down every Sesame anecdote and every Sesame personality in his book...Finally, we get to touch Big Bird’s feathers.”
James Panero, New York Times Book Review

"Davis culls insights from the show's creators and cast to serve up this painstakingly detailed history of television's most famous address."

“The author’s swift narrative—the product of hundreds of interviews—is essentially a Dumpster dive into Oscar’s trash can of cast stories... a sensitive, honest account that could jog fond memories even from the amnesiac Street denizen Forgetful Jones.”
— Drew Toal, Time Out New York

"Well-researched details and an unflinching eye make Davis's book continuously fascinating."

Publishers Weekly

"As joyfully compelling as Sesame Street itself."



"Anyone who has ever seen Sesame Street as parent or child -- or both -- will love the detail and exuberance of this book."


"Davis spins an evocative, insidery tale out of the wildly creative personalities and political ups and downs of the cozily delivered show."

Washington Post

"Street Gang" is informative, heartbreaking, hilarious, and often eye-opening, even for the most Sesame Street-wise."

Philadelphia Inquirer

"It was a pleasure to spend some time back where everything's A-OK."

Los Angeles Times

"A fascinating page-turner chock full of juicy revelations."

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Davis writes with such vivid details that one can almost see the brownstone houses and the furry, feathery, fresh-faced Muppets."

Baltimore Sun

“What I appreciate about Michael Davis’s new book on Sesame Street is the depth of his research and how he spotlights those people who deserve to have more light shed upon them
for their great contributions to the show. And what’s refreshing is how he does not run away from conflicts that sometimes occurred behind the scenes, which were part of the creative energy of the show. He has really captured the spirit of how Sesame Street came to be. A wonderful book.”
— Frank Oz, film director and original performer of Bert, Cookie Monster and Grover

“This marvelous book reads like a novel and reminds us why and how Sesame Street came to be the national treasure it is . . . for all of America’s children, even the ones my age.”
— Linda Ellerbee, producer and host of Nick News


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